Weight loss as spending Little

Maintaining a diet requires discipline, and the high obesity rate may be used to prove the great difficulty of finding healthy food, cheap and delicious, which can benefit our health and fitness. Many people look for a poor diet, a name that does not actually want to be derogatory, but reflect the desire to have a diet to lose weight that does not cost much.

Remember that it is not true that the most nutritious foods are more expensive. Many people claim that they can not diet because they can not spend a lot on special foods. The good news is that it is not necessary to spend a lot. Who does not want to spend much can adopt foods and strategies that are good for the body and the pocket.

You can name this search for the economy as a poor diet, but what we will expose are just tips on how to get to stay well nourished and food that can be affordable by most people, regardless of financial value available. We understand that to lose weight a high investment is not necessary, but dedication, discipline and willpower to keep food always correct and consistent with the stated goals.


Regardless of your goal, if you are trying to follow a poor diet, you can eat and abuse of salads. Most vegetables and vegetables can be easily acquired and their values are accessible to any social class. You can buy these foods in large supermarkets and even small neighborhood markets. The best benefit is that the price change, can often be reduced. These foods are present in the diet not only to keep you fed and nourished, but also to keep the power with lower caloric values.

The following foods you can get in nearest grocery to your home. The use of vegetables can enable you to prepare delicious natural juices and low-value investments. These purchases close to home can help you to always keep the food fresher consumption as they are purchased in smaller demands, which can not be guaranteed by larger supermarkets.
















As well as vegetables and legumes, fruits have almost confirmed the presence in the diet. They can offer unique nutritional value and can be easily found in supermarkets and very close to your neighborhood. The fruit can be consumed in the intermediate food between meals and even reduce anxiety and desire to eat at times incompatible with reserved for meals.

Fruits can be allied you expect, especially when the weather is very hot and you feel the need for a refreshing meal. These foods can help you prepare drinks with unusual combinations and can nourish your body in a complete way you would not imagine getting. It is important to remember that it is intended to save a poor diet, then enjoy the fruit most, be sure to consume them with their shells, as they can also provide many nutrients for better health.











Proteins (dairy, meat and eggs)

In this category is that you need to take more care. This is because red meat tends to be an item that evades poor diet rule, it can make everything more expensive.

Understand that to lose weight you do not need to eat as much protein. Nutritionists consider 1g-1.5g of protein per kg body weight is already a great value. Thus, keep in mind that you should eat more chicken than red meat. And can balance the consumption of milk, natural yoghurt without sugar and eggs as good sources of protein.