The unconscious can influence many food decisions that hinder your weight loss process. Find out how to circumvent it

“I’m skinny but I’m head of fat.” That was the answer I gave to Cema Santos, certified International Master Coach and trainer in Time Line Therapy, when she asked why I thought I could not feed myself properly (read: have the uncontrollable urge, every day, all day, for pizza, drumstick, hamburger, pastel, brigadier, ice cream, chocolate, cake …). Little did I know that by giving this answer was contributing to my unconscious, the main saboteur of my diet, continue playing against me. Cema helped me to better understand this …

The power of the unconscious

Cema Santos holds a degree in physical education, post-graduate degree in sports science and master in epidemiology focused on obesity, exercise and pregnancy. She lives in Australia and recently in Brazil to minister Mind lecture shan, Body are: the weight of Emotions in Behavioral Diet, in which he showed how to adopt new eating habits from the use of Time Line Therapy. The technique, still little used in the country, help people to get rid of negative emotions that influence many of our unconscious decisions, among them, what we choose to eat. “Today we know that the gut has as many neurons as the brain. That is, any approach to nutrition should face the digestive process is directly connected to our emotions, “says CEMA. And when there are feelings, the unconscious starts working.

All the experiences that we generate some information that is stored in our unconscious. It is a kind of personal file that we can not access, but provides us with information on how to act in a situation. “All our decisions are made, first, unconscious level. Only after she become aware, “said CEMA. When you are faced with a similar event to another lived moment, your unconscious sends a response similar to that already used. “As you repeat the same solution, the behavior becomes a habit.” What does this have to do with food, weight loss, etc.? All!

You know when you eat a dessert after lunch? Then the next day does the same thing? So you can not stop doing it, right? Or even can, but need to have a huge willpower to resist the sweet after lunch. It is the unconscious saying his normal pattern is to taste a treat after the meal.

Another example: if the parents of a child always give a bullet to comfort her when she cries, the unconscious will store this information (eating) as a solution to a problem. By becoming an adult, every time you go through a time of difficulty, the unconscious will say that attacking a dessert is the first thing to be done to resolve the situation. “And there may come a time that it takes effect for any difficulty as indecisions like, cut my hair or not? I’m engaged or will live in Europe? I ask resign or continue in employment do not like? I go to sleep early ballad or to train tomorrow? The solution that your unconscious will find the events that are generating anxiety will ‘eat something to calm down,’ because this has worked sometimes, “he says.

Think positive

According Cema Santos, one of the unconscious functions is to protect our body. When it registers that something is “normal pattern of the body,” will do everything to keep it that way. “If a child someone hears negative comments like ‘you are chubby and will never lose weight’ or ‘you eat too much’, you can accept, unconsciously, that this is their normal standard,” said CEMA. Here, however that has a strong will to properly feed and lose weight, your unconscious tends to fight, because “being chubby” and “overeat” is the default understood as normal. “That’s why many people diet, come to lose weight and then return to put on weight.”

Another factor that hinders unconsciously any weight loss process is to associate it with something bad. When we start a diet, just think, “I will not be able to eat more ice cream,” “Beer is forbidden” or “will be very difficult to go without pizza.” The word lose weight already refers to something negative. And if dieting is not good for you, your unconscious will try everything to sabotage the regime. After all, his job is to protect your body. “Look associate the process of slimming the good things. Think you are feeding well to gain more health, etc. have more available, “advises.

Know the Time Line Therapy

The technique helps the person to access the unconscious to discover and solve situations that are generating responses that hinder weight loss (as the history of candy received in childhood). “When you find the hidden source of the problem, the individual is able to reprogram their neurological patterns and get rid of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors that interfere with your unconscious decisions and hinder the achievement of goals,” said CEMA. The duration of the Time Line terapy varies greatly from person to person but is usually seven to 20 sessions, held weekly. “Right at the initial session, which lasts between 2:30 a.m. and 3 hours, it is possible to notice behavioral changes. Then, each week a negative emotion is released and tasks are passed to the person sedimenting their learning, allowing the unconscious to understand that there is a new pattern of behavior in which a person will live better, “he concludes.