The grain rich in iron, zinc, vitamin E, proteins and fibers is versatile and can be eaten in salad, cakes and popcorn to as

Grains such as rice, wheat and corn are old acquaintances of Brazilian dish. But a new ingredient also promises to conquer the taste here: this is sorghum, nutritious, functional and versatile grain that originates in Africa and parts of Asia. “It is a great ally of the diet to be rich in fiber, which help in proper functioning of the intestine and promote more satiety

If you choose to consume it in salads or a full meal, just prepare it like rice. If you prefer like popcorn, rinse the beans in water and put it in a pan (without adding oil, butter or olive oil). Then cover the pan and let the grain burst. “It’s a healthy and perfect snack to eat between meals,” suggests professional.

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Already sorghum flour, soft texture and sweet flavor, you can replace the wheat biscuits, pasta, breads and cakes. “Just pay attention not to eat anything high in sorghum before physical activity. Because it contains lots of fiber, food stimulates intestinal flow