Hunger – a big problem

By | November 9, 2016

Know that you should make a diet that does not leave you hungry. For this abuse of low-calorie vegetables and fruits have protein in meals and do not be afraid to have a little fat in the meals. That way you will be satiated for longer and do not think of attacking a chocolate, a dessert a snack or other product “fattening”.

Many people find that a poor diet is to eat little for much of the day. The problem is that, after a long time of fasting, you want to devour all that is in front of you. And this despair you eat a lot of bread, fried food, drumstick, hotdogs and cookies. Often a single meal now has more than 1500 calories.

That is, the amount of calories you should be eating throughout the day, you end up eating in a single meal!