This time of year, you should not overlook and even have to keep an eye on the pointer of the balance. But that may end up damaging your health. Here’s why

It is a fact: the cold, appetite increases and makes you want to eat more warm and delicious food (recalled fondue?). That’s why you need to get even closer to laying on the plate. Any carelessness and the pointer of the scale fires, is not it? The problem is that often we control both the diet that ends up being vulnerable to infections that usually appear at this time of year – especially respiratory.


With the dry and cold weather, the body spends about 10% more energy to produce heat and maintain body temperature. Thus, the body shows signs of hunger. And what happens? Comes that desire for a pasta dish or a cup of hot chocolate. Ok, you do not resist: just moderate in portion and close the mouth the rest of the day, right? No, because that is where the danger lies: to do this, you end up leaving aside salads, vegetables and fruits. “Taking these menu of foods can have a negative impact on cell renewal mainly in immune cells called T lymphocytes, which act in cases of infection and inflammation, defending our body”

Another problem: the trend in winter is to consume little water. However, hydration is also essential to ensure a perfect functioning of the body, leaving you far from viruses and bacteria. One solution is to opt for teas, which do not get fat and help keep your health in order. “The important thing is not to put sugar in the drink. Sugar contributes to a weakened immune system and increased body fat ”




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