By | November 9, 2016

Moon diet, tea, soup, blood type, watermelon, eggplant water … There is no shortage regimes options (some half crazy) for those who want to lose weight and / or improve health. But how to know if they really work? To answer the question, U.S. News & World Report publisher created the ranking Best Diets (Best Diets), which is published annually.

The list is made with the help of renowned experts US universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Yale. They assess items such as easy to follow the plan, safety and efficacy. Oh, define the best diet to lose weight, protect the heart, prevent diabetes, as well as an overall champion. For the sixth time in a row, the DASH (a regime to control hypertension) was voted the best of all (among 38 analyzed). Below we show the diets identified as most effective for those who want to lose weight (after all, this is the main goal of most people is regime).

Diet Weight Watchers

It was considered the best plan for those who want to lose weight in the long term. In this system, foods are given a score according to its nutritional value. Then, the person has a quota of daily points that can consume. No food restriction. You can eat everything from lettuce to milk pudding. Just do not maxing out points. How can you lose weight as well? Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats are low score. Already candy, soda, pizza and snacks have a high score (ie, you can not eat them at ease because it will exceed your daily limit).

Diet The Biggest Loser

The system used in the famous American reality show was tied with HMR as the best to lose weight quickly (within one year). The food plan is balanced and does not require nutrients to be cut. The total daily calories (that must be given by a dietician) should come from carbohydrates (45%), protein (30%) and fat (25%). Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins (chicken, fish, skim milk) and wholegrain carbohydrates should make up most of the menu. Already fatty meats and desserts need to be avoided. Studies and the program itself prove that the method is effective. However, it must be accompanied by physical activity.

HMR diet

The other plan chosen as the ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly was created by an American company and does not exist in Brazil. In it, one can choose from three menus with up to 1400 calories per day. Also need to replace breakfast or dinner for a shake. The meals are delivered at home. Who chooses the most restrictive diet (with only 500 calories) needs medical attention. There is a healthy plan as there are high calorie and nutritional restriction.




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