Moon diet, tea, soup, blood type, watermelon, eggplant water … There is no shortage regimes options (some half crazy) for those who want to lose weight and / or improve health. But how to know if they really work? To answer the question, U.S. News & World Report publisher created the ranking Best Diets (Best… Read More »

Physical exercises

A diet is the first step to losing weight or even lean mass gain, but if you want to boost results, or intensify your routine, you can enjoy the benefits that exercise can provide not only for your health but also for good form. Do not think you will spend a high investment in supplements… Read More »

Planning Tips

Here are some tips that will help you put together an effective diet without spending much. Do not buy cookies, chips, salted peanuts, chocolates and no dainty as those who usually eat watching television. You spend a lot with them and not help at all you lose weight. If you want a little something to… Read More »

Hunger – a big problem

Know that you should make a diet that does not leave you hungry. For this abuse of low-calorie vegetables and fruits have protein in meals and do not be afraid to have a little fat in the meals. That way you will be satiated for longer and do not think of attacking a chocolate, a… Read More »

Weight loss as spending Little

Maintaining a diet requires discipline, and the high obesity rate may be used to prove the great difficulty of finding healthy food, cheap and delicious, which can benefit our health and fitness. Many people look for a poor diet, a name that does not actually want to be derogatory, but reflect the desire to have… Read More »

Menus Lose Weight Fast healthily

Diets diets are carried out in order to lose maintain or even gain weight. Typically diets are used in conjunction with physical exercise to lose weight and lose weight. Contrary to what many people think, diets are not only used by people above the ideal weight or obese, but also by practicing sports, athletes, and… Read More »


This time of year, you should not overlook and even have to keep an eye on the pointer of the balance. But that may end up damaging your health. Here’s why It is a fact: the cold, appetite increases and makes you want to eat more warm and delicious food (recalled fondue?). That’s why you… Read More »


Among the benefits of walnut, it is worth highlighting the aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the improvement of kidney and cognitive function You like to innovate in the kitchen? Include this new sweet bread recipe with powerful oil for health: the delicious nuts. A 25 g portion contains 2.6 grams of omega-3,… Read More »