Moon diet, tea, soup, blood type, watermelon, eggplant water … There is no shortage regimes options (some half crazy) for those who want to lose weight and / or improve health. But how to know if they really work? To answer the question, U.S. News & World Report publisher created the ranking Best Diets (Best Diets), which is published annually.

The list is made with the help of renowned experts US universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Yale. They assess items such as easy to follow the plan, safety and efficacy. Oh, define the best diet to lose weight, protect the heart, prevent diabetes, as well as an overall champion. For the sixth time in a row, the DASH (a regime to control hypertension) was voted the best of all (among 38 analyzed). Below we show the diets identified as most effective for those who want to lose weight (after all, this is the main goal of most people is regime).

Diet Weight Watchers

It was considered the best plan for those who want to lose weight in the long term. In this system, foods are given a score according to its nutritional value. Then, the person has a quota of daily points that can consume. No food restriction. You can eat everything from lettuce to milk pudding. Just do not maxing out points. How can you lose weight as well? Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats are low score. Already candy, soda, pizza and snacks have a high score (ie, you can not eat them at ease because it will exceed your daily limit).

Diet The Biggest Loser

The system used in the famous American reality show was tied with HMR as the best to lose weight quickly (within one year). The food plan is balanced and does not require nutrients to be cut. The total daily calories (that must be given by a dietician) should come from carbohydrates (45%), protein (30%) and fat (25%). Fruits, vegetables, lean proteins (chicken, fish, skim milk) and wholegrain carbohydrates should make up most of the menu. Already fatty meats and desserts need to be avoided. Studies and the program itself prove that the method is effective. However, it must be accompanied by physical activity.

HMR diet

The other plan chosen as the ideal for those who want to lose weight quickly was created by an American company and does not exist in Brazil. In it, one can choose from three menus with up to 1400 calories per day. Also need to replace breakfast or dinner for a shake. The meals are delivered at home. Who chooses the most restrictive diet (with only 500 calories) needs medical attention. There is a healthy plan as there are high calorie and nutritional restriction.



Physical exercises

A diet is the first step to losing weight or even lean mass gain, but if you want to boost results, or intensify your routine, you can enjoy the benefits that exercise can provide not only for your health but also for good form.

Do not think you will spend a high investment in supplements and large gyms, you can book a small space to work out at home, and even hiking or jogging through your neighborhood. These small actions can be the factor that will drive you to your goals. People living with difficulty losing weight can give a souped functioning of the metabolism through physical activity, as this will ensure that your body burn more calories not only during exercise but later also.


Book a time for your body to rest is crucial. Do not think that the bodily changes take place while you are in the gym, or while you eat. Changes happen all the time, but while you sleep your body to recover from all the effects of daily activities and also end to absorb the nutrients offered to him at every meal made.

Sleep at least 8 hours per night may be the deciding factor that you are expecting. Eating cheap and healthy foods, exercising with medical care for your safety, and resting well, his “poor diet” can help with amazing effects.



Planning Tips

Here are some tips that will help you put together an effective diet without spending much.

Do not buy cookies, chips, salted peanuts, chocolates and no dainty as those who usually eat watching television. You spend a lot with them and not help at all you lose weight. If you want a little something to eat watching TV, buy popcorn.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. In particular, drink 500 ml before meals. Try to take at least 3 liters per day. Water is free, it helps you lose weight and decreases hunger.

Rice and beans is not a villain. Just do not abuse!

Be careful not to abuse the butter and oil in time to cook. These hidden calories can compromise your results.

Take your meals to work. You will eat more nutritiously and spend much less.

Think what you will eat during the week and be sure to decide what to eat just hungry.

calorific values

One of the main objectives of poor diet for those who want to lose weight is to keep a food with low caloric values. It is said that one of the biggest difficulties is to maintain a proper, healthy and cheap food, but we note that options abound, simply combine foods to build a complete diet rich in a balanced manner, thus involving all the nutrients and low in calories form .

Examples of Menus

Below you can have some information to prepare your meals and so build a “poor diet” according to your personal taste. Remember that are just examples and there are plenty of possible combinations with cheap food, and mostly non-processed.


Option 1:

1 cup skim milk;

3 cookies cream cracker;

1 polengui;

1 apple.

Option 2:

1 cup (300ml) of natural fruit juice;

2 toast light;

1 tablespoon (soup) of light cream cheese.

Οpção 3:

1 cup (300ml) of green juice;

Omelet with 2 eggs;

2 slices of bread in full.

Option 4:

1 mate tea cup;

2 scrambled eggs;

1 banana.

Morning snack:

Option 1:

200 ml of green tea;

5 grapes.

Option 2:

1 medium slice of papaya.

Οpção 3:

1 pot of low-fat yogurt or Greek.

Option 4:

1 medium slice of watermelon.


Option 1:

Salad will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

2 tablespoons (soup) rice – Check availability for full version;

1 medium steak (100 grams) of chicken breast.

Option 2:

Salad will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

1 medium potato cooked;

3 tablespoons (soup) of ground beef.

Οpção 3:

Salad will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

1 shell (small) bean;

2 tablespoons (soup) rice;

1 medium fillet broiled fish.

Option 4:

Salad will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

3 tablespoons (soup) rice;

Omelet with 3 eggs.

Afternoon snack:

Option 1:

1 medium slice of watermelon.

Option 2:

2 slices of pineapple.

Οpção 3:

200 ml of green tea.

Option 4:

Porridge with banana, cinnamon and skim milk.

Have a dinner:

Option 1:

Salad at will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

1 medium fillet of grilled chicken breast.

Option 2:

Salad at will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

1 medium fillet of grilled fish.

Οpção 3:

Salad at will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

3 tablespoons (soup) of ground beef.

Option 4:

Salad at will (lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, carrots, etc.);

3 scrambled eggs.


Option 1:

1 cup of fruit salad.

Option 2:

Diet jelly.

Οpção 3:

1 jar of Greek or nonfat yogurt.

Option 4:

200 ml of green tea.



Hunger – a big problem

Know that you should make a diet that does not leave you hungry. For this abuse of low-calorie vegetables and fruits have protein in meals and do not be afraid to have a little fat in the meals. That way you will be satiated for longer and do not think of attacking a chocolate, a dessert a snack or other product “fattening”.

Many people find that a poor diet is to eat little for much of the day. The problem is that, after a long time of fasting, you want to devour all that is in front of you. And this despair you eat a lot of bread, fried food, drumstick, hotdogs and cookies. Often a single meal now has more than 1500 calories.

That is, the amount of calories you should be eating throughout the day, you end up eating in a single meal!



Weight loss as spending Little

Maintaining a diet requires discipline, and the high obesity rate may be used to prove the great difficulty of finding healthy food, cheap and delicious, which can benefit our health and fitness. Many people look for a poor diet, a name that does not actually want to be derogatory, but reflect the desire to have a diet to lose weight that does not cost much.

Remember that it is not true that the most nutritious foods are more expensive. Many people claim that they can not diet because they can not spend a lot on special foods. The good news is that it is not necessary to spend a lot. Who does not want to spend much can adopt foods and strategies that are good for the body and the pocket.

You can name this search for the economy as a poor diet, but what we will expose are just tips on how to get to stay well nourished and food that can be affordable by most people, regardless of financial value available. We understand that to lose weight a high investment is not necessary, but dedication, discipline and willpower to keep food always correct and consistent with the stated goals.


Regardless of your goal, if you are trying to follow a poor diet, you can eat and abuse of salads. Most vegetables and vegetables can be easily acquired and their values are accessible to any social class. You can buy these foods in large supermarkets and even small neighborhood markets. The best benefit is that the price change, can often be reduced. These foods are present in the diet not only to keep you fed and nourished, but also to keep the power with lower caloric values.

The following foods you can get in nearest grocery to your home. The use of vegetables can enable you to prepare delicious natural juices and low-value investments. These purchases close to home can help you to always keep the food fresher consumption as they are purchased in smaller demands, which can not be guaranteed by larger supermarkets.
















As well as vegetables and legumes, fruits have almost confirmed the presence in the diet. They can offer unique nutritional value and can be easily found in supermarkets and very close to your neighborhood. The fruit can be consumed in the intermediate food between meals and even reduce anxiety and desire to eat at times incompatible with reserved for meals.

Fruits can be allied you expect, especially when the weather is very hot and you feel the need for a refreshing meal. These foods can help you prepare drinks with unusual combinations and can nourish your body in a complete way you would not imagine getting. It is important to remember that it is intended to save a poor diet, then enjoy the fruit most, be sure to consume them with their shells, as they can also provide many nutrients for better health.











Proteins (dairy, meat and eggs)

In this category is that you need to take more care. This is because red meat tends to be an item that evades poor diet rule, it can make everything more expensive.

Understand that to lose weight you do not need to eat as much protein. Nutritionists consider 1g-1.5g of protein per kg body weight is already a great value. Thus, keep in mind that you should eat more chicken than red meat. And can balance the consumption of milk, natural yoghurt without sugar and eggs as good sources of protein.



Menus Lose Weight Fast healthily

Diets diets are carried out in order to lose maintain or even gain weight. Typically diets are used in conjunction with physical exercise to lose weight and lose weight.

Contrary to what many people think, diets are not only used by people above the ideal weight or obese, but also by practicing sports, athletes, and just about anyone who wants to maintain weight and improve health and quality of life .

Diets diets are carried out in order to lose maintain or even gain weight. Typically diets are used in conjunction with physical exercise to lose weight and lose weight.


Contrary to what many people think, diets are not only used by people above the ideal weight or obese, but also by practicing sports, athletes, and just about anyone who wants to maintain weight and improve health and quality of life .

Weight loss fast and urgent healthy to lose weight and belly


Diets promoting weight loss and fat are generally divided into four categories:

– Low fat intake Diets

– Diets low carbohydrate intake

– Low calorie intake diets and

– Diets very low calorie intake




This time of year, you should not overlook and even have to keep an eye on the pointer of the balance. But that may end up damaging your health. Here’s why

It is a fact: the cold, appetite increases and makes you want to eat more warm and delicious food (recalled fondue?). That’s why you need to get even closer to laying on the plate. Any carelessness and the pointer of the scale fires, is not it? The problem is that often we control both the diet that ends up being vulnerable to infections that usually appear at this time of year – especially respiratory.


With the dry and cold weather, the body spends about 10% more energy to produce heat and maintain body temperature. Thus, the body shows signs of hunger. And what happens? Comes that desire for a pasta dish or a cup of hot chocolate. Ok, you do not resist: just moderate in portion and close the mouth the rest of the day, right? No, because that is where the danger lies: to do this, you end up leaving aside salads, vegetables and fruits. “Taking these menu of foods can have a negative impact on cell renewal mainly in immune cells called T lymphocytes, which act in cases of infection and inflammation, defending our body”

Another problem: the trend in winter is to consume little water. However, hydration is also essential to ensure a perfect functioning of the body, leaving you far from viruses and bacteria. One solution is to opt for teas, which do not get fat and help keep your health in order. “The important thing is not to put sugar in the drink. Sugar contributes to a weakened immune system and increased body fat ”




Among the benefits of walnut, it is worth highlighting the aid in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the improvement of kidney and cognitive function

You like to innovate in the kitchen? Include this new sweet bread recipe with powerful oil for health: the delicious nuts. A 25 g portion contains 2.6 grams of omega-3, which corresponds to 200% of the recommended daily value – the fatty acid increases the synthesis of vasodilators such as nitric oxide, and has a similar action some antihypertensive drugs.

The nut is also a good source of B vitamins, especially B6 (which assists in the transport of oxygen, interfere with the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats), folic acid and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium (reduces the incidence of cramps and fatigue) and cobre.Mais: research indicates that nuts reduce by 28% the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke and cardiovascular death and improve renal and cognitive functions, and reduce the risk of aterosclerose.Raul Lody, anthropologist and author of “Sugar Paths”, suggests the following recipe:


  • 100 grams of raisins
  • 150 ml of grappa (brandy second fermentation of grape pomace)
  • 380 grams of dried figs
  • 330 grams of nuts
  • 180 grams of butter
  • 1 sachet baking powder for bread (7 grams)
  • 380 grams sugar
  • 150 ml of milk
  • 600 g flour
  • 6 eggs
  • Lemon zest

Way of doing

Let the raisins in grappa sauce for 15 minutes, then cut the figs into pieces along with 250 grams of nuts. Start 150 grams of butter and let soften at room temperature. Then mix the yeast and a tablespoon of sugar in warm milk. Place in a bowl the flour, butter, raisins, figs, 5 eggs, yeast mixture, chopped nuts and just lemon peel zest. Knead all ingredients well (add a little more milk if the mixture is too stiff). Form a ball and place the dough in a greased pan with the remaining butter. Add on top of the mass the whole nut left over and then brush the surface with beaten egg. Bake for about 50 minutes at 180 ° C. Finally, sprinkle the bread with icing sugar (optional).



The grain rich in iron, zinc, vitamin E, proteins and fibers is versatile and can be eaten in salad, cakes and popcorn to as

Grains such as rice, wheat and corn are old acquaintances of Brazilian dish. But a new ingredient also promises to conquer the taste here: this is sorghum, nutritious, functional and versatile grain that originates in Africa and parts of Asia. “It is a great ally of the diet to be rich in fiber, which help in proper functioning of the intestine and promote more satiety

If you choose to consume it in salads or a full meal, just prepare it like rice. If you prefer like popcorn, rinse the beans in water and put it in a pan (without adding oil, butter or olive oil). Then cover the pan and let the grain burst. “It’s a healthy and perfect snack to eat between meals,” suggests professional.

ground version

Already sorghum flour, soft texture and sweet flavor, you can replace the wheat biscuits, pasta, breads and cakes. “Just pay attention not to eat anything high in sorghum before physical activity. Because it contains lots of fiber, food stimulates intestinal flow



The unconscious can influence many food decisions that hinder your weight loss process. Find out how to circumvent it

“I’m skinny but I’m head of fat.” That was the answer I gave to Cema Santos, certified International Master Coach and trainer in Time Line Therapy, when she asked why I thought I could not feed myself properly (read: have the uncontrollable urge, every day, all day, for pizza, drumstick, hamburger, pastel, brigadier, ice cream, chocolate, cake …). Little did I know that by giving this answer was contributing to my unconscious, the main saboteur of my diet, continue playing against me. Cema helped me to better understand this …

The power of the unconscious

Cema Santos holds a degree in physical education, post-graduate degree in sports science and master in epidemiology focused on obesity, exercise and pregnancy. She lives in Australia and recently in Brazil to minister Mind lecture shan, Body are: the weight of Emotions in Behavioral Diet, in which he showed how to adopt new eating habits from the use of Time Line Therapy. The technique, still little used in the country, help people to get rid of negative emotions that influence many of our unconscious decisions, among them, what we choose to eat. “Today we know that the gut has as many neurons as the brain. That is, any approach to nutrition should face the digestive process is directly connected to our emotions, “says CEMA. And when there are feelings, the unconscious starts working.

All the experiences that we generate some information that is stored in our unconscious. It is a kind of personal file that we can not access, but provides us with information on how to act in a situation. “All our decisions are made, first, unconscious level. Only after she become aware, “said CEMA. When you are faced with a similar event to another lived moment, your unconscious sends a response similar to that already used. “As you repeat the same solution, the behavior becomes a habit.” What does this have to do with food, weight loss, etc.? All!

You know when you eat a dessert after lunch? Then the next day does the same thing? So you can not stop doing it, right? Or even can, but need to have a huge willpower to resist the sweet after lunch. It is the unconscious saying his normal pattern is to taste a treat after the meal.

Another example: if the parents of a child always give a bullet to comfort her when she cries, the unconscious will store this information (eating) as a solution to a problem. By becoming an adult, every time you go through a time of difficulty, the unconscious will say that attacking a dessert is the first thing to be done to resolve the situation. “And there may come a time that it takes effect for any difficulty as indecisions like, cut my hair or not? I’m engaged or will live in Europe? I ask resign or continue in employment do not like? I go to sleep early ballad or to train tomorrow? The solution that your unconscious will find the events that are generating anxiety will ‘eat something to calm down,’ because this has worked sometimes, “he says.

Think positive

According Cema Santos, one of the unconscious functions is to protect our body. When it registers that something is “normal pattern of the body,” will do everything to keep it that way. “If a child someone hears negative comments like ‘you are chubby and will never lose weight’ or ‘you eat too much’, you can accept, unconsciously, that this is their normal standard,” said CEMA. Here, however that has a strong will to properly feed and lose weight, your unconscious tends to fight, because “being chubby” and “overeat” is the default understood as normal. “That’s why many people diet, come to lose weight and then return to put on weight.”

Another factor that hinders unconsciously any weight loss process is to associate it with something bad. When we start a diet, just think, “I will not be able to eat more ice cream,” “Beer is forbidden” or “will be very difficult to go without pizza.” The word lose weight already refers to something negative. And if dieting is not good for you, your unconscious will try everything to sabotage the regime. After all, his job is to protect your body. “Look associate the process of slimming the good things. Think you are feeding well to gain more health, etc. have more available, “advises.

Know the Time Line Therapy

The technique helps the person to access the unconscious to discover and solve situations that are generating responses that hinder weight loss (as the history of candy received in childhood). “When you find the hidden source of the problem, the individual is able to reprogram their neurological patterns and get rid of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors that interfere with your unconscious decisions and hinder the achievement of goals,” said CEMA. The duration of the Time Line terapy varies greatly from person to person but is usually seven to 20 sessions, held weekly. “Right at the initial session, which lasts between 2:30 a.m. and 3 hours, it is possible to notice behavioral changes. Then, each week a negative emotion is released and tasks are passed to the person sedimenting their learning, allowing the unconscious to understand that there is a new pattern of behavior in which a person will live better, “he concludes.